We are SoLink

It was 2003 when our founder began to be passionate about solar energy. Today, we boast two decades of experience in the field of innovative photovoltaics. Through our research and development team, we design and produce new high-performance solutions with Made in Italy quality.

Company profile

Our mission

The development model linked to fossil energy consumption is no longer sustainable; it causes serious damage to the environment and significantly contributes to climate change and increasingly frequent extreme atmospheric phenomena.

For these reasons, a change is necessary in the way energy is produced and consumed. Our development model is strongly linked to solar energy, which we believe is the only truly renewable, democratic, and abundantly available resource everywhere.

Our products are designed to use solar energy with maximum efficiency and zero emissions. There will never be a SoLink product that emits CO2 or combustion residues.


Our values

Conservation of the natural environment and the well-being of people through sustainable development.
Spreading knowledge about alternative energy production models like solar energy to people.
Supporting social initiatives related to the environment and its conservation without profit.
Being responsible in every aspect without exploiting land or people to achieve our goals.
Always being open to learning, never taking anything for granted. A new technology can be the turning point for the future we want.
Collaborating with our employees and customers as a team to achieve the common goals of the historical change we are going through.

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We take care of the end-of-life environment of our products